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Since 1995, the West Canada Section of the Ninety-Nines, a women pilots organization, is  offering a $1500.00 Scholarship to help a female advance in her flight training, education or pilot career.


  1. The applicant must be a woman who resides in Western Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon and Northwest Territories). She must be a person in good standing in the community. 

  2. She agrees to complete the training or project for which this award is given, within the time period of 18 months from the time the funds are awarded. She also agrees to provide progress reports to the Scholarship Award Committee every six months, and a final report upon completion of the training or project as described in her application. 

  3. She shall submit one complete copy of her application; including photocopies for educational background.

Categories for Scholarship:

An applicant may apply for a scholarship in one of the following categories: 

  1. Advancement of flight training: This category is for an applicant who wishes to advance her flying capabilities toward a career in aviation. She must possess the minimum of a valid private pilot license at the time this application is made. 

  2. Education or research project: An applicant may choose to do an education or research project which will investigate or promote the advancement of women in aviation and enhance general understanding of the role of women in aviation. This project should result in the production of materials or design of a program, which would educate women about the possibilities and challenges of careers in aviation. This applicant is not required to have a pilot's license. 

  3. Advancement of career in aviation-related field: This category is for an applicant who wishes to advance her career in a non-flying but aviation-related field, such as aircraft maintenance engineer, avionics technician, aeronautics engineer, etc. This applicant is not required to have a pilot's license.

To Apply:

Sent your scholarship application to:

2014 Scholarship Award Committee

West Canada Section 99s

c/o Maryse Rajotte,

739-650 Duncan Ave. West,

Penticton, BC

V2A 7N1

        Send your questions to:  wcdn99scholarship@live.ca

  • Donations:  Want to make a charitable donation to the fund? Contact Caroline, Treasurer, Education Trust Fund, West Canada Section of the Ninety Nines at bccoast99s@gmail.com.

    Past winners:  

    • In 2012, Carly St-Onge, CPL

    • In 2011, Jennifer Musgrove from Jenner, Alberta won the $ 1500 scholarship

    • In 2010, Emily Crombez from Thunder Bay won the $ 1500 scholarship.

    • In 2009, Lisa Klassen from Winnipeg won.

    • In 2008, Katherine Weber from Winnipeg won.

    • In 2007 Jennifer Mitchell, Burnaby BC won a $ 1500 scholarship to use towards her night rating.

    • In 2005, Carolina Kolasa, BC Chapter, won, to be used towards her commercial license.

      In 2003, two scholarships were awarded:

    • Kelly Sheret won the $ 1,000 Scholarship to use towards her multi-engine rating.   Kelly is a flight instructor and Operation's Flight Safety Officer for Southern Skies Aviation in Penticton BC. 

    • An one-time $ 500 scholarship, in the memory of Jean-Marc (JM) Ranger, West Coast aviator bush pilot, float instructor and AME, was awarded to Kirsten Brazier.  Brazier is currently Chief Pilot for Red Lake Airways, Northern Ontario.  She holds a ATPL. 

    • In 2002, Kristen Brazier on this scholarship ($ 500) to do her IFR rating renewal.

    • In 2000, Marie (Mazy) Baker was the winner.  Mazy will use this scholarship to finish her commercial licence.

    • In 1999, Lynne Sampson won this scholarship to advance her Instructor Rating flight training with National Aviation Flight  Training in Saskatoon.  She is also captain of COPA Flight 10. 

    • In 1998, Laura Steen of Winnipeg won the scholarship to help her earn her commercial licence and instructor rating.  

    • In 1997, Barbara-Anne Williams, a student at the Professional Aviation Program at Selkirk College, won the scholarship to earn her commercial licence.

    • In 1996, Bettina Jenkins (Vancouver) won the scholarship to be used to obtain her instructors rating.   Previously a First Canadian Chapter member, Bettina was an active Operation Skywatch pilot. 

    Want more information?  Contact the Section Scholarship coordinator.

    Maryse Rajotte
    Address: 739-650 Duncan Ave West
    Penticton, B.C.
    V2A 7N1
    Contact: 250-896-8645


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