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This webpage will gradually include features on some of the 99s within the two Canadian Sections.  These write-ups are taken from COPA publications, news articles, etc.

Pioneer Pilots:  Author Shirley Allen

First Canadian women pilots by province:

  • Eileen Vollick (March 13, 1928, PPL# 77)): Ontario

  • Eileen Magill (Oct. 24, 1928, PPL# 142) Manitoba

  • Gertrude de la Vergne (Dec. 4, 1928, PPL# 157) Alberta

  • Daphne Paterson (Aug. 15, 1929, PPL# 327), New Brunswick

  • Nellie Carson (Oct. 12, 1929, PPL # 384), Saskatchewan

  • Jeanne Genier Gilbert (Nov. 10, 1929, PPL # 479)

  • Peggy (Ethel) Standring (1931), NS

  • Louise Jenkins (Mar. 8, 1932, PPL # 973), PEI

  • PQ: Elspeth Russell (Part of Air Transport Auxiliary in England)

  • Gertrude Dugal (Mar 11, 1947 PPL # 5666), 1st francophone Que.

  • Phyllis Penney-Gaul (1947), Newfoundland

Other Canadian woman "Firsts" in accomplishments: (Partial list)

  • First trained on ski plane: Eileen Vollick

  • First to parachute into water: Eileen Vollick

  • First commercial pilot: Daphne Paterson

  • First APL: Daphne Paterson (1938)

  • First Director of a flying club: Eileen Magill (1929)

  • First demonstration pilot: Marjorie Chauvin Herity (Alberta)

  • First military jet pilots: Deanna Brasseur & Jane Foster.

  • First Transport Canada inspector: Lorna deBlicquy

  • First female pilot hired by Canadian airlines: Rosella Bjornson (1973), then becoming Canadian's first female captain in 1990 (Boeing 737). Inducted into Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame.

  • First women to own and operate a flying Club (Marion Orr)

  • First woman licenced to fly a Helicopter (Marion Orr)  

  • List of East Canada Section Governors 

International 99s Committees:

  • Kathy Fox (Awards Committee, Nominating Committee)

  • Dorothy Berthelet (Webmaster, Info Security committee, Treasurer AE Scholarship Fund)

Other Profiles:

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